Duwayne Thomas

Duwayne Thomas: Scrumhalf
I moved from Pittsburgh to Arizona in 1988. I was at a match watching Camelback vs Temp when I spoke with Gene Sanders and said “That team white and red needs our help”. The following week we were practicing at Encanto Park. I started playing wing, at the time we were scrum heavy. Not until one year at the Tucson tournament I was moved to outside center. That didn’t last long as the rules changed, they wanted more offense so coach Bo moved me to scrumhalf. I played that position until I retired, but I didn’t leave the team as I coached with Frank and Kevin. It wasn’t until the club went to Vegas with the coach not being there that I coached the team to victory. The following year I was the head coach and we played in the playoffs. I had lots of fun as a player and coach. I made lots of friends that I would battle with and for. It was an honor to don the white & red.